I am an entrepreneur. Thinking up new ideas and making them reality with a team is what I enjoy the most.

After working for Cablevision with Pablo Saubidet and George Stewart to build Fibertel, we partnered and founded IPLAN. A fiber-optic IP-based telco in Argentina.

Other companies and organizations I founded or worked with:

Sustentator to help promote concrete action towards sustainability. Both a company and a foundation.

The WikiLife Foundation: Non-profit global collaborative experiment to collect health and lifestyle information and share it in an open and anonymous way. Follow @wikilifeorg on twitter or facebook or visit our web site at wikilife.org

– Enzyme Venture Capital ( follow @enzymevc ): to help entrepreneurs that are in the space between entertainment and technology.

I needed a place to publish some of my thoughts. I hope this space generates and stimulates a healthy conversation with others on the subjects of entrepeneurship, business and knowledge in general. My interest range from backcountry skiing to entrepreneurship, with Aikido and many others in between. I will write about all of them.

I think everybody sees the world with their own particular perspective. I hope I can give you a glimpse of mine and, hopefully, I will get glimpse of yours.


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