Love letter to the mountains

2 Oct

Dear Mountains:

I love you all. Although I have my favorite ones, even a little hill makes me feel better. I love to be around you, to adore your beautiful sunsets, to feel the roaring wind when you are angry. I try to spend most of my free time with you. I am sorry I have to leave you for months at a time. It breaks my heart when I drive away and see your indifference in my rearview mirror.

You see, I live in the Pampas, a poet once spontaneously said “the horizontal abyss” when looking at the flat endless grasslands around Buenos Aires. In the flatlands it is very hard to have perspective, your view being blocked by any obstacle. It is in the flatlands were many people live and I believe in the aphorism “more people, less freedom”. In the flats, I feel trapped in one dimension, in one long and irritating view I cannot escape.

In order to prove my love I have many pictures of you in different moments of the year. In my humble opinion you are most beautiful covered in snow, all round and fluffy, ready to be cruised with my skis as my ultimate expression of this love I can’t and won’t deny.

But if beauty is just one of your traits, wisdom and patience is your landmark. I think I have learned more about myself when I am walking on a mountain than with years of therapy. After walking 8-9 hours to reach a summit most of the endless chatter in my head stops and I feel a warm sense of achievement and peace. For many years I have done Buddhist meditation and Yoga, only once or twice I have felt the same inner calmness that you can give me with just a few rays of light shining through the clouds.

Nowadays, I have brought to you my new family, and watching my kids enjoy you has been a revelation and surely, a new and more intense form of love that it will grow along with them.

See you next summer in Patagonia and next winter in Los Molles.



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